Holiday Spirits or Why I Should Deactivate Facebook for the Month

I sit on my mattress on a white tiled floor

I scroll through my smartphone at Christmas’s door

Too lazy to download a Facebook app

I check out the fun through a Chrome window

Facebook is a ******-******* ****, you know

It’s full of all the things I could have done

All these places to see, all those days in the sun

Distilled away are the forlorn losers whose posts I never liked

The assholes who support the opposite party

The narcissists who post selfies all day

The sheeple who share indiscriminately

Overtime, I’ve left them behind


And coz I’m clearly a ******-******* pessimist

Now all I get to read is stuff about how shit’s going down

Now that the bizarre possibility of Trump has trumped the reality

And Facebook is peddling Free Basics to every sucker who can’t think

About the contradiction of signing both the Net Neutrality petition and this

How the COP was a fail, more juveniles go to jail (this tale’s floundering around)

Anyway, what i was saying was

I’m sick of scrolling through my Facebook page (the APA should have a term for it)

Scanning clicks with aging hookahs, smoking sages, the Buddha and the Other Monk,

And the one’s with subalterns (kudos to not just doing good but sharing it!)

Scrolling down with my thumb swiping up as my eyes swivel and my head turns

Someone’s in the Vatican and another’s in Denmark, supper’s in Australia, and lunch in Colorado; i’ve got a friend list that’s clearly privileged & upper middle class, feeding into the list things i may never have wanted to do– but like a pig to the slaughter of an advertising campaign i fall into the clutches of this worldly world. Bright, shiny pictures of babies in Santa hats, of photoshopped instagrammed Santa Monica bay snaps with no-filter hashtags;

Of polemic diatribes against the cause of my angst.

I am adrift, set adrift, surfing the www2.0,

Ensconced in the blurry resolution of my First-World life in a Third-World country

I drag my eyes away from the 401 ppi screen

On to another.



One thought on “Holiday Spirits or Why I Should Deactivate Facebook for the Month

  1. Me likes very very much. You’ve captured sentiments that I’ve often felt myself, very beautifully too. “Ensconced in the blurry resolution of my First-World life in a Third-World country” is a beautiful beautiful line.

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