Shadoes. They move swiftly, camouflaged in the thick underbrush of darkness. Moonlight and tubelights alike giving them form and the corner of one’s eyes give them life. They dodge behind curtains and slip into dark rooms, the doors of which were left open unattended. You can hear them when you’re not listening, the quick rustle outside the window, the whoosh as a shadoe streaks, the thud as it lands somewhere.

One of the lessons i learnt from Anne was to not let my imagination lead me down haunted alleyways. I gladly learned that one, prone as i was at that age to make friends of fantasies. Strangely, though, grown ups are rather incredulous about nice imps and nice fairies and niceness in general, yet just as fearful of monsters under the bed and hidden inside closets.

Boggarts live inside our heads. They’re fear and insecurity. Fear of the unknown. And as humans, we’ll always have to live with those fears and those insecurities. Battling the dark arts is not about killing the evil witch/wizard and living happily ever after. Fears return, insecurities return like a many-headed hydra. You can’t ever really kill them, but you have to keep fighting. The best way is just 3 Harry Potter books through. All you need is to look them straight in the eye and call them ridiculous!

So long, till we meet next!

PS: Shadoes are really the gentle watch guards of the night. They keep evil at bay…


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