Anthropocene 1

The anthropoceneSeems pretty sereneAt the outset untilYou stop to be still And smell the rosesFor those asStill have that gene.We’ve bred their fragranceOut of existence.Roses, today,last a lot longer and wilt a lot less.A lot more attractive for freight/ cargo/ shipping;To bees, birds and butterflies, a lot less.

Guest post: Sharing a lifeboat

This post is by my friend, Vijay, who does abjure self-promotion. I convinced him that no one really comes to this corner of the internet, and it is but a shout into the void. In this post, he points me to the answer of a question that has plagued us for 22 years. Was there

A decade

The last day of the decade. These statements tend to push one to contend with a flashback. In 2010 we were in college. And we were such different people. Just at the brink of our journeys towards who we are now. Yet, there’s a comfort in knowing how much and even how little we’ve changed.

Adventure time 

Fireworks sparkled in Mumbai’s skies, and I downed the liquid in the tiny paper cup in my hand. It was like drinking tea flavoured, lukewarm sugar solution. Nonetheless, our taste buds tingled with excitement. It was almost midnight and we were at a train station, at the beginning of a three-day vacation. “I don’t like feeling so